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6 tips for shooting proposal photos

Shooting proposal photos can be both exciting and scary at the same time! The engagement is such an emotional and exciting moment for the couple and with these 6 tips you'll be able to give them photos they can cherish forever!

1. Do a walkthrough the day before

Make sure to communicate with the future groom prior to the proposal. Its best if the two of you can do a walkthrough of the place he decides on proposing. This way you can help him choose the best lighting and background. He most likely will be a bit nervous/excited so a quick walkthrough will help calm his nerves a bit. Don’t forget to find a spot for you to stand as well. It’s important to find a quiet spot that makes creeping around easy!

2. Show him how to kneel

This part is crucial. Help position him so that he knows exactly how to kneel. Right before the proposal he’s going to be nervous and theres going to be a lot going through his mind. So its important to help him remember this one thing so you can get both of their faces in the photos.

3. Stand back

Make sure to use a lens that will allow you to stand back and give them plenty of space. You are most likely shooting as a surprise and you would hate to tip the bride off and have her figure it out before he asks the big question! Personally I use the Nikon 55-300 mm lens. It allows you to step back and still get that lovely blurred background that really makes the couple stand out.

4. Snap Away!

With this type of session its crucial to take as many photos as you can. In this day and age you’re better off taking more than you need as you can easily delete the photos later. The moments only happen once and you don’t want to miss any of them!

5. Do a quick mini session right after

Once the couple begins to calm down from all the excitement its always nice to snap a few photos of them. The future bride and groom are still smiling from ear to ear from the proposal and its the best time to capture the natural excitement. It’s also a great time to incorporate any family or friends in the photos.

6. Send them a few photos within the hour

Chances are they're going to want to spend the next hour or so calling family and friends and letting them know they're officially engaged! Since this is such an exciting time for them they'll want to share a few pictures on social media. That's why sending them a few photos shortly after the engagement is so important! It's a great marketing strategy if you post the photos and tag them! That way they'll be able to show the pictures on their social media account as well as on your own.

I hope you found this post helpful! Just remember that proposals are exciting and fun to shoot! As long as you plan and prepare for the shoot you'll be just fine! If you need some inspiration for how to pose the future bride and groom make sure to check out The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography

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