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With all the different camera/editing apps available it’s hard to choose which ones to use! These are my personal favorites that I use for taking photos, editing, designing and ordering prints.

1. Camera +

This app allows you to capture moments just like the iPhone camera. The nice thing about this app is it lets you take photos with a blurred background just like with dslr cameras! It also gives you the option to view multiple filters while you're taking a photo. Another great feature with this app is you can use the filters while taking a video! This is my personal go to app when I want to capture a moment and I don't have my camera with me!

2. Lightroom

I love love loveee this app for editing! With the Lightroom app you can edit a photo without having a typical filter on it. You can edit exactly what you want, how you want it. You can import, edit and sync raw photos with other devices. This app is awesome for quick edits when you want to edit a photo without access to your computer.

3. Live Collage

Once you have your photos edited and the way you want them you can use this app to make a fun unique layout! You can use anywhere from 1-16 pictures to make a layout. Once you select your photos you can scroll through and see the available options. This app is super easy and has lots of different options that you can choose from!

4. Canva

This app is great if you're going more for the blogger/advertisement design look. This app lets you choose from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many other design types! All you do is select which format you would like to use and then they'll list your available designs. From there you can edit the text, size, color and anything else you would like to edit. Another great quick and easy app to use when you don't have access to the computer.

5. Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising makes ordering photos quick and easy! This app is perfect if you're looking for small gifts or cards. They have lots of simple designs to choose from so you don't get overwhelmed with choices! They have a simple to the point format which makes searching for products easy and stress free. You can order 5x5 Photo Books, Square Prints, the oh so popular Wood Calendars people are falling in love with and a few other popular products.

I hope you like these apps as much as I do! Make sure to join my exclusive email list for the latest tips and tutorials!

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